A Year In Pictures

This year hasn’t been easy but as the most wonderful time of year approaches we here at McDonald’s Studio are looking back at 2020 with a different lens. Here, we’re taking a look at memorable and joyful events of the year through photographs we have created throughout the year. 

When we had a session dedicated all to man’s best friend and got some cute shots like this.

Moments like two young brothers sitting together as the younger discovers ducklings for the first time. 

When one of our editors, Chloe had way too much fun with photoshopping effects and helped to create this memorable shot.

How could we leave out when Joe was invited to the White House in pre-COVID 2020 to meet the Prime Minister of Ireland! While there, Joe created these photographs of the Supreme Court and Capitol.

This was not the end of Joe’s travels then either. Right after DC, he hoped on a plane to the Happiest Place on Earth and took part in a photoshoot at EPCOT.

And even when the pandemic came in full swing, we still managed to find merry and bright moments. Like when the cherry blossoms bloomed and filled the air with their fragrance.

Of course, Joe wasn’t just busy at the studio! As a State Representative, the Master Photographer worked hard with his colleagues to pass a relief bill to help those affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. Not only did the bill pass, but he created this photograph after adjourning the session.

We also learned how to make a few new food items and Joe captured this at home while he and his son attempted to make Disney-style churros. 

And even found new beginnings to celebrate…

Then a week after that we had a snowfall in the middle of October. Can’t say it came on time but it certainly did make for a beautiful picture! 

The holidays rolled around of course, and though they looked a bit different, we still managed to have some fun. A personal favorite was when Joe created this photo duo with the only and only Saint Nick! 

That’s A Wrap!

Yes, 2020 hasn’t been an easy year to endure but we here at McDonald’s Studios believe there can be moments of comfort and joy if you just look for it. With the year coming to a close, here’s McDonald’s Studios wishing you a Merry Christmas and here’s to many blessings in the New Year!

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